The goal of the game is to open up discussion about all kinds of influencers and how to cope with them.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the players in maximum 3 or 4 teams (with 1 or 2 players in each team).


The game has two goals:

  • Finish the ladder game as first team/player by reaching square 100.
  • Gain as much influencer stars as possible along the way (see 8.)

Each player/group takes a bottle cap and puts it on START: number 1.


Turn the rotation disk with numbers and move the number of indicated squares forward.


When a player arrives at a ladder, the player has to fulfill a challenge, depending on the color of the square where the ladder starts/ends.

If the player succeeds in the challenge, (s)he can move the ladder up or can stay at the head of the ladder. If (s)he fails, (s)he has to stay at the bottom of the ladder or falls down the ladder.


To determine the topic of the challenge, the player has to turn the second rota disk with the 6 categories SOCIETY #5a. (If needed, go over the 6

categories first to explain all images.)


Choose one image and perform the assigned activity depending on the colour of the square (see at the bottom of the ladder panel).

  • Green (mask) = Mime a situation and the other team/teams have to guess.
  • Pink (clock) = What might be a consequence of what you see?(Talking is sufficient to succeed in the challenge.)
  • Orange (text balloon) = Explain the chosen situation. (Explaining is sufficient to succeed in the task.)
  • Blue (pencil) = Draw the chosen situation and the other team/teams have to guess.

Bonus game: being the first to guess the green and blue challenges of other teams, each participating team can gain influencer stars.

Extra game information

Ladders board game: DIY SOCIETY #5b

ROTA with the alphabet, numbers 1-6 and red and green colors: GAME C5

ROTA with categories of influencers (social media, money, substance (ab)use, food and beverages, body, personal network/community: DIY SOCIETY #5a

  • Social media: ex. Internet, gaming, smartphone, bingewatching
  • Money: ex. Gambling, shopaholic, spending too much money, debts...
  • Substance (ab)use: ex. drugs (soft drugs, hard drugs, glue), alcohol (cfr. category food and beverages), tobacco,...
  • Food and beverages: ex. eating disorders, sugar addiction, alcohol (cfr. substance (ab)use), energy drinks,...
  • Body: ex. sex, porn, drugs (sleeping pills, pain killers, tranquilizers...), sports (sport addiction or doping), self-mutilation, sleep disorder, ...
  • Personal network/ community: ex.Friends and family, social contacts, religion, role models, leisure...


To highlight positive and negative aspects of all categories, you can use the red and green colour on the alphabet wheel GAME C5. By turning the rotation again, the team has to fulfill the challenge (see ladder panel) by either discussing/ miming/ drawing a negative aspect (red) or positive aspect (green).

This could also be a solution for when the teams give socially desired answers.

Specific learning objectives

Reflect on positive and negative aspects of all-day influencers.

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Arnoud Raskin

Social Entrepreneur StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

20 August, 2019


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