Conflict Game

Talk about different conflict situations and different strategies to resolve them with this interactive board game.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Play the game with maximum four players or four groups of players. Each player/group takes one circular domain as their territory and starts at the symbol of feet.


One player at a time turns the dice and moves forward in any direction.


When he passes a body part, he must draw it on the blackboard. This happens one by one to complete the whole body.


When he arrives on a square (the squares always neighbour on one of the situations depicted in the middle of the circle), he must describe the illustrated conflict situation to the group, empathising with the main character. Discuss this reaction with the whole group.


Each player has to discuss each situation only once. Another player can discuss the same situation, but with a different reaction.


Once all body parts are collected, the players can proceed to the final sprint towards the boy on top of the panel, in the triangle.

The player who reaches the boy at the finish line is the winner!

Extra game information

On the panel, you can see four separate circles with each time four different potential conflict situations. Around each circle is a path the players must complete in order to gather all four body parts necessary to continue to the final sprint on top.

Method of the game:

The game is partly based on the 'Hangman' concept. Throughout the game the players are seeking to gather four body parts (legs, arms, head and torso/body) to complete their character. It is only once they have gained all four parts (and drawn them on the blackboard - 'hangman style') that they can proceed to the final sprint at the bottom of the board.


  • Add new rules to make the game easier or harder: e.g. for each situation to be discussed, all players note down their reaction. If more than half the group share the same reaction as the player's answer, that player gets another go. Those with another reaction need to defend their opinion for one minute without stopping.
  • Ask the players what they think happens before and after the conflict.

Specific learning objectives

  • Voice, communicate and form an opinion about different conflict situations.
  • Introduction to several forms of conflict, understanding how they come about, why, how to react on them.

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