Goose your self-esteem!

Boost your self esteem by playing this game which follows the principle of a goose game.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


The players roll the die / turn the rota dice, one by one and go the turned number of spaces forward.


If a player lands on a picture, he looks at the legend (bottom of the panel) to find out what to do.


He then answers the question or completes the task. If it's done in a good way, he earns a bottle cap to put on his indicator of self-esteem. If he can't respond to the question or complete the task, he doesn't get a bottle cap.


Each player can collect a maximum of ten bottle caps.


See extra game info for more detailed information about the game board.


The first player to get to the finish, receives two extra bottle caps and wins the game.

Extra game information

Information about the different pictures on the panel:

Some pictures refer to something that is bad for your self esteem. If a player has three or more bottle caps, he can handle this situation and has to give a bottle cap back. If a player has less than three bottle caps, he doesn't have to give a bottle cap back but he must take steps backwards.

Information about the different situations on the panel:

Some situations can be positive or negative for your self esteem.

E.g. A group of people is watching you while laughing (field 35).

Positive: someone just told a joke and they are accidentally watching you.

Negative: The people are laughing with you.

In these situations, turn the rota dice to determine if it is positive (dice in green part, player gets a bottle cap) or negative (dice in red part, player gives back a bottle cap).

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn that self esteem can be developed and helps to stand stronger in the world.
  • Learn that words can hurt and influence self esteem.
  • Learn to manage compliments and give compliments.

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