Money Maker

An entertaining board game about money management and how to be responsible with money.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Give each player one bottle cap as a pawn and 5 bottle caps as starting capital. Gather all pawns at the starting point on the top left corner of the board. Each player throws the die to determine who can start the game.


Throw the die and move the indicated number of spaces forward. The player will now earn or spend money depending on the square he/she lands on (see additional game information for the legend).


Keep track of the budget of each player by noting their budget down on a paper or blackboard.


A player can decide to do the different loops of the game multiple times. However, the first player to arrive at the finish line, receives a bonus of 25 bottle caps.


Once you've reached the finish line, you can spend the money you earned during the game by choosing objects on the Money Spender panel.


Start a discussion with the children why they have chosen to spend their (limited) amount of money on this object. Ask other questions like:

  • What could they have done differently during the game to earn more money?
  • What's the reason for their limited amount of money?
  • On which objects do they spend money in daily life? What's important/less important?

Extra game information

On the Money Maker Board, the colours of the squares represent different task to do:

  • Green (+): depict jobs. You receive/earn money.
  • Orange (-): depict expenses. You spend money.
  • Turquoise (+): unexpected income. You earn money.
  • Red (- or skull): unexpected expenses. You lose money.
  • Purple (+ and double arrow): positive interaction with other players. As a player, you receive one coin from all other players.
  • Dark blue (- and double arrow): negative interaction with other players. As a player you have to give one coin to every other player.
  • Yellow: DO-square. Complete the task of the job you see depicted. If you succeed, you can throw the die again and have another turn.
  1. Doctor/nurse: apply a bandage to another player.
  2. Entertainer: show something you're really good at.
  3. Garbage collector: collect some garbage around you.
  4. Teacher: explain an exercise to other players.
  5. Shoeshiner: clean the shoes of one of the other players.
  • Light blue: crossroads: Choose the direction you want to go by following the arrows. Or you go for the loop (you can keep going as many times as you want in order to earn more money), or go directly to the next loop.


  1. You decide what you want to buy (on the Money Spender panel) before starting the game. When you reach the finish line, check if you have made enough money during the game. If not, you have to makes choices.
  2. The objects on the Money Spender panel are already for sale DURING the game. Every object can only be bought once. Now you have the risk you don't have enough money to cover unexpected expenses. Open up a discussion on this with the players afterwards.

Specific learning objectives

  • Money management and responsible financial behavior
  • Difference between spending and saving
  • Difference between needs and wants

What people said about this game

Lies De Vocht

Content & Communication Officer StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

23 September, 2019


Surprisingly strategic game about money, saving and spending!

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