Move along the PacMoney board to reflect and discuss about your professional ambitions in life.

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Each player places his/her bottle cap on the Pacman image at the top right corner of the game board.


Now choose a profession from one of the images on the left-hand side of the panel or choose a profession yourself.


Throw the dice and move the indicated number of steps forward on the dots.


If you pass or land on a special symbol, you will get a task:

  • Key = name the talent necessary for the job you chose & discuss -> If you land on the key itself, you can throw again.
  • Cherry = what do you still have to do/to learn to get the job you chose (e.g. diploma). -> If you land on the cherry itself, you can go 1 step further, because you have discussed what you still need.
  • Ghost = you landed on a pitfall. Reflect on what might block you in realising your dream profession. -> If you land on the ghost itself, you have to return to the previous ghost.

The game ends when all the players have arrived at the cheering PacMan at the bottom of the board game. Make sure to take enough time to reflect about the different skills, talents, steps-to-take and pitfalls during the game.


Specific learning objectives

Skill & talent development

What people said about this game

Lies De Vocht

Content & Communication Officer StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

22 August, 2019


Really cool alternative for the PacMan computer game!

Arnoud Raskin

Social Entrepreneur StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

23 August, 2019


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