Sex Change

Reflect on the differences and similarities between girls and boys and on gender expectations with this accessible activity.

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Take a look at the Life Cycle game board with the players and ask them which (non-physical) differences they see between the boy and the girl throughout development: Do they have different interests, talents, hobbies,...?


Now, divide the group into two teams: the girls vs. the boys and give each group a big sheet of paper and some markers.


Now tell the groups:

"Imagine you changed sex right now (the boys become girls and the girls become boys).

What would be different for you? Think about studies, professions, going out, friends, clothes, children, upbringing of parents, money, what you would start/stop doing,...


Both groups get 10 minutes to write down as many things as possible on their list.


When the time is up, the group with the longest list wins.


Reflect on the exercise by going over the lists with the players:

  • Are there big differences between the sheets of the boys and the girls?
  • Do people (parents, teachers, friends,...) expect different things from boys and girls?
  • Which changes would be positive/negative? What would you lose/gain if you changed sex?
  • What do boys and girls do similarly?
  • Would you like being a boy/girl?
  • Would people treat you differently?
  • Which sex wins the most if they undergo a sex change? Why do you think that is?
  • Why would you do some things as a boy/girl and not as a girl/boy?
  • ...

Discuss the differences between your biological sex, your gender and your gender identity (see additional game information for definitions).

Extra game information

Definitions of gender, sex and gender identity:

• Gender refers to the characteristics, behaviours, roles and norms that we ascribe to women, men, girls and boys. It often manifests itself through the concepts of masculinity and femininity. Gender is based on assumptions that society has formed about what women, men, girls and boys should be like, rather than how they want to be.Gender is distinct from sex.

• Sex refers to the biological and physiological characteristics of males, females and intersex people, such as reproductive organs, hormones and chromosomes.

Gender identity refers to a person’s sense of their gender, which may or may not correspond to their sex assigned at birth.


This activity is a part of the StreetSmart sexuality package. The package aims to give youth workers the tools they need to address the topic of sexuality in a playful way with the children and young people they work with, so they can learn to make conscious, healthy and respectful decisions.


Sexuality is a very broad term, encompassing various subtopics. Here, you can find a list of all activities included in our sexuality package to address these different topics:

  1. Sexuality in general: The Sex Alphabet, The Sexuality Goose Game, Yes or No Circle, Sexuality Statement Game
  2. Body (development): Anatomy fundamentals, Who has what?, Physical changes in puberty, Emotional changes in puberty, Life Cycle
  3. Boundaries: Stop!, People to People, Kiss the Teddy Bear, Body Carrousel, (Not) Okay?, Body Twister 
  4. Relationships: Choose Your Relationship, My Ideal Partner, In The Worst Way Possible
  5. Gender & sexual orientation: Labels, Sex Change, Who does what?
  6. Safe sex: The Synonym Game, Condom Smugglers, Goodie Bag, STD-Roulette, Can I get pregnant?
  7. Sex & media: Who is responsible?


Specific learning objectives

  • Reflect on the differences and similarities between girls and boys.
  • Raise awareness about gender expectations and stereotypes.

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