In the Worst Way Possible

Learn how (not) to (re)act in different situations related to relationships and sexuality.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Paper strips
  • A pen
  • A bag or a box

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Write down different "What is the worst way possible to..." questions on paper strips (see additional game info for sample questions) and put them in a bag or a box.


Divide the players in groups of 2 participants.


Each duo takes on of the paper strips out of the bag/box and read their "What is the worst way possible to..." question.


They get 10 minutes to discuss the question on their paper strip and to prepare a role-play to act out the worst way possible to (re)act in the chosen scenario.


All duos perform their role-plays for the other groups.


After each role-play reflect on the situation enacted with the group:

  • What can we learn from this role-play?
  • What are other ways to (re)act badly in this situation?
  • What would be a good way to (re)act in this situation?
  • Have you ever reacted in what seemed like the worst way possible afterwards? Do you feel like sharing your story? What would you do differently if you could do it again?
  • ...

Extra game information

Sample questions:

What is the worst way possible to...:

- Help your friend to get a girl/-boyfriend

- Turn someone down

- Get someone in bed

- Make it clear to someone that you're gay

- Tell someone how handsome/beautiful he/she is

- Show your interest in someone

- Tell someone you think they are fantastic

- Touch someone

- Start talking to someone

- Give someone a compliment

- Show someone you're angry

- Make it clear to someone that you want to be invited to dance

- ...


This activity is a part of the StreetSmart sexuality package. The package aims to give youth workers the tools they need to address the topic of sexuality in a playful way with the children and young people they work with, so they can learn to make conscious, healthy and respectful decisions.


Sexuality is a very broad term, encompassing various subtopics. Here, you can find a list of all activities included in our sexuality package to address these different topics:

  1. Sexuality in general: The Sex Alphabet, The Sexuality Goose Game, Yes or No Circle, Sexuality Statement Game
  2. Body (development): Anatomy fundamentals, Who has what?, Physical changes in puberty, Emotional changes in puberty, Life Cycle
  3. Boundaries: Stop!, People to People, Kiss the Teddy Bear, Body Carrousel, (Not) Okay?, Body Twister 
  4. Relationships: Choose Your Relationship, My Ideal Partner, In The Worst Way Possible
  5. Gender & sexual orientation: Labels, Sex Change, Who does what?
  6. Safe sex: The Synonym Game, Condom Smugglers, Goodie Bag, STD-Roulette, Can I get pregnant?
  7. Sex & media: Who is responsible?


  • Circle (adapted version of a game created by Sensoa): Form a circle. Throw the ball to one of the players and ask one of the "What is the worst way possible..." questions. The player answers and throws the ball back. You can ask the same question to various players. After 2 or 3 rounds with different questions, throw the ball to one of the players again and ask a question. Now, that player needs to come up with a question him-/herself and throw the ball to one of the other players to answer. In his/her turn, that player then comes up with a new question etc.
  • Topic: You can easily adapt this game to address a specific subtopic of sexuality (e.g. gender, safe sex,...) by changing the questions.
  • Age: You can easily adapt this game to be suitable for all ages by changing the questions.

Specific learning objectives

Learn how (not) to (re)act in different situations related to relationships and sexuality.

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