We look like...different

Best activity for covering subjects on diversity, puberty, sexuality and violence.

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On little papers we write simple questions such as what food is your favourite; which sport do you like; what food do you prefer; to which country would you like to go; and so on. We share these papers with the children.


Children open and read the papers and afterwards they answer the questions.


Throughout this simple game, we get to the conclusion that each child gives different answers. As a result, through the game we understand that diversity starts from the basics.


We move to the observation panel and the children start to examine it. They say what they observe on it and through discussion we understand that people are different even though living in the same community. We continue discussing about racism.

On the panel, there are also people from different ages depicted. When a child notices this, we switch to the puberty panel/ physical changes panel.


Children examine that panel and slowly boys begin to describe the differences in their bodies while the girls do the same as well. The ones who would like to speak up, stand up and show on the panel which of the changes have noticed in their bodies.


Through that activity we understand that each one of us grow up differently.

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