An activity to encourage children to explore their own understanding of their rights.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Two pieces of paper: one with 'Agree' and one with 'Disagree' on them

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Put a sign saying ‘Agree’ at one end of the room/space and ‘Disagree’ at the other end and explain to participants you have drawn an invisible line between the two.


Explain to the participants that you are going to read out a statement. They will need to decide where to stand along the invisible line according to their view on the statement: from strongly agree (close to the ‘Agree’ sign) to strongly disagree (close to the ‘Disagree’ sign).


Read out the following statements or make up some of your own statements:

  • We should not listen to what children and young people say because adults know best.
  • Everyone should be treated equally.
  • Children and young people should be told about decisions which affect them.
  • Everyone should be able to go to school.
  • Children should not be allowed to work.
  • Everyone should be allowed to say what they think.
  • Everyone should feel safe.
  • Children and young people should not live on the street.

Read each statement one at a time and after each statement give the participants time to choose where they wish to stand on the invisible line. Encourage them to talk about why they are standing where they are.


Conclude the activity by introducing the idea that what you have been discussing is peoples’ rights; the right to do certain things or not have certain things done.

Specific learning objectives

By the end of this activity participants will have:

  • Explored their own view on rights.
  • Heard the opinions of other members of the group.

What people said about this game

Rob Sweldens

Manager StreetSmart Mobile School NPO BE

19 September, 2019


Great discussion activity on children’s rights! Worth trying out. Thanks for sharing!

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