Exploring what responsibilities children, youth and others have to protect your rights and beginning to identify how we already uphold some of them.

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Explain to participants that you are going to read a series of rights. Ask them to listen carefully and then place the matching cards in the middle of the circle.


Next explain that you are going to read some ‘responsibility’ statements and also place them in the middle of the group.


Ask the group to work together to look at both sets of statements and match the responsibility to the right.


Once the group is agreed, invite participants to share any experiences of when they have demonstrated certain responsibilities in certain situations.


Explain through discussion the importance of being able to express their views with other people in a constructive way. This is particularly important so that they have their voice heard (supported by advocates) and for people to listen to their views, and for them to be taken seriously in decisions that affect their lives.

Specific learning objectives

By the end of this activity participants will have a greater understanding of their rights and the responsibilities which go with these rights.

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Arnold Bautista

Bahay Tuluyan Foundation PH

6 January, 2020


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