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Introduce the idea that all children and youth have rights, and that these are laid out in a document called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Explain that all rights may be divided into three broad groups:

  • ‘Participation rights’ (these are all about children’s rights to taking part and be involved in things, including decisions that affect them).
  • ‘Protection rights’  (these types of rights are all about keeping safe and making sure children are being looked after).
  • ‘Provision rights’ (these rights are associated with making sure children have things they need).

Write these headings on a flipchart and read them out again to ensure they understand the words and remind them about some of the things you discussed in the previous agree/disagree icebreaker (if applicable).


Divide the group into pairs and ask each pair to choose a card from Resource A. Take time, if necessary, to explain what the right described on the card means. Give each pair time to prepare a short drama to act out the right on their card.


Bring the group back together and ask each pair to perform their drama. When each pair has finished, ask the group to guess what right is being portrayed. Then ask them to discuss and agree whether this is a participation, protection or prevention right. Once agreed the pair should stick the card under the appropriate heading on the flipchart.


Once all the pairs have finished, focus particularly on the cards which have been put under ‘participation rights’: if you feel any have been placed under the wrong heading, identify these and discuss them with participants.

Specific learning objectives

By the end of this activity participants will have:

  • Explored children’s rights through drama.
  • Developed their knowledge of the UNCRC.
  • Considered the concept of ‘participation’.

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