Life Cycle

Talk about the development of a twin from birth till adulthood by exploring their life cycle.

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The players place the different pictures in the right developmental order. They do this by writing down the numbers next to the game board on a piece of a paper or on the mobile school.


Start a conversation to guide the process. Suggested questions:

  • Do boys and girls go through the same stages of development?
  • Which secondary sexual characteristics are developed by boys/girls and when does this happen?
  • Does it happen to everyone at the same time or are there differences? 

End the game by letting the players reflect on their own life cycle and the phase they are in now. 


Organise a quiz: ask questions related to the development of a boy and a girl. The player who answers correctly, gets a point. 

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn to describe every life phase from baby to adulthood and learn about the (emotional) difficulties and interests linked to each phase.
  • Learn to describe the difference between a boy and a girl. 

What people said about this game

Lies De Vocht

Content & Communication Officer StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

20 August, 2019


I really like this game to talk about the development of children into adulthood. Also the drawings are really appealing.

Vicky Konstantinidou

Project Coordinator Ladies Union of Drama GR

22 August, 2019


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