Multiply by one, two or three

Learn to solve multiplications with the numbers one, two or three as multiplicand with this mathematics fill out panel.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Attach the panel to the mobile school or put it on the table. Make sure to have enough space so the player can write the solution next to the panel and can make some more detailed calculations. 


The player completes the mathematical operations and writes down the results on the blackboard next to the panel or on a piece of paper.


If he finds difficulties in some exercises, advise him to continue and after completing the panel you can look at these exercises together. 


  • Competition: Copy the operations of MATHEMATICS R D1 with chalk on both sides of the mobile school or on two pieces of paper. Two players solve the exercises as quickly as possible. The first one who completes all the exercises, wins the game.
  • Explain to the players why it is important to learn about multiplications. You can do this by performing a theatre play. For example: there is a boy on the streets who is selling books. Each book costs three coins. After a while, a girl comes along who would like to buy four books. She tries to figure out how much she has to pay, but she does not get out. Then the boy helps her by telling that she has to make a multiplication sum out of it: 4 x 3 = 12 coins. The players can now create their own play about the importance of the multiplication tables.
  • Make cards from the numbers one to ten. Two players go sit side by side on the ground and take a stack of cards. They both reverse a card at the same time. The goal is to multiply the two numbers on both cards with each other as quickly as possible. The player who wins, gets the two cards. Who has the most cards after five minutes?
  • Play bingo: give the players a bingo card with the answers of the multiplications on it that you are practicing on. Mention a multiplication exercise (e.g. 5 x 5). The players look for the correct result on their bingo card and cross it out. Who has the first bingo? 

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn to multiply with the number one, two and three as multiplicand.
  • Realise the meaning of multiplications. 

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