Mathematical Trains (Intermediate)

Fill in a number and start the different calculations on the train with this mathematics fill out panel.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


The player chooses and writes a number under the first train wagon with chalk. 


With this number, he completes the first operation and then moves on to the next train wagon. He must always continue with the result of the operation before. 


The player continues the calculations until the last wagon. 

Extra game information

The calculating trains contain the following types of exercises:

  • additions
  • subtractions 


  • Team work: player one chooses the first number. Player two completes the first operation. Player one then continues with the result of this operation. They continue until the last wagon.
  • One player designs a calculating train. Another player tries to complete it. To end with, the player who designed the calculating train, checks if the answers are correct. They then switch roles. 

Specific learning objectives

  • Ability to concentrate on making new operations based on results of earlier made operations. 

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