Know and name different animals and their characteristics with this creative panel.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


The players explore the game board and name which animals they see. 


They now each choose an animal and make a puppet of it (simple puppets: fold and staple a piece of paper and draw the animal on it). 


Tell the players that all the animals want to organise a general strike. Each player makes a protest sign with his animals most typical characteristic(s) on it. 


When finished, the players march around the school, protesting and shouting why their typical characteristic is so important and why there should be more attention and respect for it. 


Take an interview from the players. Suggested question:

  • What is so important and special about your characteristic and animal? 


  • Use in combination with panel CRAFTS C1 to make masks of the different animals.
  • Each player writes down the name of an animal on a sticker and puts it on the forehead of his neighbour. In turn, each player asks yes or no questions about the characteristics of animals to the other players, to guess what animal he represents. They can keep asking questions as long as the answer is 'yes'. If 'no', the turn passes onto the next player. 

Specific learning objectives

  • Know and name different animals and their characteristics.
  • The players compare their own characteristics to the animals characteristics. 

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Sander Degeling

Partnership Coordinator Africa & Asia StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

27 September, 2019


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