Mobile School TV

Mobile School’s channel is on air, little journalists!!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • A frame or the window part of the mobile school

Make it yourself


Step 1

Make your own microphone
  1. Take a paper tube as the base of the microphone
  2. Use a balloon or make a circle out of paper as the main upper part of the microphone.
  3. Paint your microphone as you like

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Every time a different kid plays the role of the journalist for Mobile School News. We also have the Mobile School TV series with specific kids in specific roles. The other children are the audience.

From the role of the journalist or the actor, the child speaks easier about his problems or for the community problems. Also the interaction with other children through interviews and acting roles, is easier this way. It is a creative and adaptable game. It helps you work with a lot of children without a lot of educators. A way to improve reflection and improvisation.


Use the Mobile School TV in order to make your own TV series.

Encourage kids to adapt to a specific role with specific characteristics and elaborate on the character.

You can make costumes and be creative with the kid about the role.

Specific learning objectives

  • Give the attention to the child and let him express his self
  • Being creative
  • Bonding between the children

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