Do A Step!

You are an animal. Do you have the right to make a move? That depends on which animal you are!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • List of questions (see additional game info)
  • List with roles for the players (text, images ...; see additional game info)

A step-by-step guide to play the game


The facilitator distributes the roles (see additional game information) to the players and explains that they will assume animal identities. They must imagine themselves to be their assigned character and act accordingly, and must keep their role secret from the other players.


The players line up in the middle of the room and wait for the facilitator to read out the questions (see additional game info).


After each question has been read out, players take a step forward if they can perform the action described in the question, or stay at their current position if they are not sure.


At the end of the game, players have rearranged themselves based on their animal's skills.


The group then sits in a circle to reflect on their experiences as different animals with different skills and abilities and how they ended up in different positions.


The facilitator can start a discussion about the concept of the same starting point in life and the idea of equal opportunities.

  • Is this possible for all animals, humans or children?
  • Is there randomness in life's journey?

The conversation can then move to the right to survival, with a focus on how the government can support the rights of children with disabilities, including those with mental or physical disabilities, by providing special care, education, health services and other resources to help them live full and independent lives.

Extra game information

Roles:  Horse , Parrot , Ant , Goldfish , Dog , Cat , Eagle , Worm , Mole , Snail , Turtle , Snake , Bear , Lion , Elephant


  • Can you sit on the tree? 
  • Can you fly? 
  • Can you swim? 
  • Can you stay for a day under the water? 
  • Can you live under the earth? 
  • Can you run fast? 
  • Can you carry a 50-kilo rock? 
  • Can you carry a glass? 
  • Can you carry a bite of bread? 
  • Can you get in a house?


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