Singing To Create a Rainbow!

Get ready to let your imagination run wild and express your unique personality!

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


The facilitator encourages the players to use their imagination and personality to create an interesting song. Any input as a noise is welcome to complete the song.


The group forms a circle, and each player takes a turn to share their culture and personality in the song. The song continues for several minutes until the facilitator signals the end. The next player in the circle then introduces a new rhythm or melody to the song.


Players are invited to dance along with the song.


After the song has been created, a discussion can take place about children's rights. This step provides an opportunity to connect the activity to broader social issues and encourage critical thinking (see additional game info).

Extra game information

Discuss with the players which children's rights are highlighted in this exercise and how. For example:

  • Article 7 (name and nationality) and Article 8 (identity) because players share cultural experiences and express themselves personally.
  • Article 13 (sharing thoughts freely) and Article 14 (freedom of thought and religion) because each player can choose what to share and how.
  • ...

This game is part of the 'All Children, All Right(s)!' toolkit, which focuses on promoting children's rights.


Create a video or voice recording of the song to be shared with the players. This step provides a sense of accomplishment and can help players see the value in their creation.

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