Icebreaker without verbal communication.

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The game is very simple. Children are divided into two groups:

a) the statues

b) children trying to wake up the statues


The group of statues should not laugh or move, while the second group of children tries to make them laugh. Children are not allowed to talk to the statues. They can also come as close as they want, but it is forbidden to touch them. They try with their expressions and movements to make the statues laugh. The educators encourage the children to maintain eye contact, to be spontaneous and to do what they think is most funny. If a statue wakes up, he joins the other group.

Extra game information

The game can be played by children who do not speak the same language. This game encourages communication and contact with each other, helping them to express themselves spontaneously, to get closer to each other (due to eye contact) and to feel more comfortable with the group. Works very well as an icebreaker.


Trainers can have props with them such as hats, masks, fake glasses etc. This can make it easier for children to express and develop their imagination, make the game richer and more fun and give a theatrical character to the process.

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Eleni Poda


24 September, 2019


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