The sound of music

Spin this accessible rotation disc to learn more about instruments and the various dimensions of music and sounds.

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Everything you need to play this game

Make it yourself


Step 1

Print the rotation disc

Print the rotation disc attached. Make sure it is printed in full size, or it is scaled the same way as the panel you will use it with.


Step 2

Cut out the rotation disc and make holes

Cut out the red disc and cut or pinch out the white holes so that answers will be visible through the holes of the rotation disc.


Step 3

Attach the rotation disc to the panel

Attach the disc to a panel with a split pin. Make sure the arrow is visible. You can now see the answers through the white holes while spinning the rotation disc!

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Follow the general method of the rotation disc as shown in this video. The players identify the instruments and their shadows.


After completing the rota exercise, the players choose their favorite instrument and present the sound of this instrument to the group.


Spin the rota disc again so that it lands on one of the four colours as depicted in the corners of the panel. Ask the players if they can make the same sound by changing the characteristic. For example: the sound of a piano: long and short sound, high and low tune, …

Extra game information


The Sound of Music panel is a regular rotation disc exercise on music and sounds. Besides the instruments around the disc, you can also find the four main characteristics of sound in the four corners of the panel. These are each characterised by a specific colour:

  1. Green corner: rabbit & turtle: tempo (fast versus slow)
  2. Red corner: megaphones: dynamics (loud versus still)
  3. Yellow corner: snakes: duration (long versus short)
  4. Blue corner: man and woman: pitch (low versus high)

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn to apply different sound levels and tunes.
  • Explore the sound of different instruments.

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