Journey Around the World

Make mysterious journeys around the world with this creative geography panel.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Invent a story about a journey around the world and narrate it. 


Each time you reach another country or continent, (pretend) to speak the local language to greet the players. Talk about the country/continent you are now visiting (e.g. typical food, habits, …). Use the map as an inspiration.


The players try to guess which country/continent you are visiting. If they guess it correctly, you can continue your journey.

Extra game information

The panel depicts a world map. On the different continents, you can see illustrations of typical local fauna and flora, geographical characteristics, important monuments, activities,... The map was designed to address geography in a creative, playful way and is therefore not scientifically accurate. 


  • Start the game in the same way, by telling a story about a trip around the world. Now, the player who guesses the right country/continent continues the story himself and so on.
  • Make the game more difficult, by only using gestures to describe the country/continent or by only talking in a made-up language.
  • Stereotypes: Name some common stereotypes about a certain region/country/... The players guess what the stereotypes are about and try to come up with other examples.
  • Compass directions: Let the players travel around the world, going north, south, east and west.
  • Made in...: Grab a piece of waste material or a piece of clothing and look for its place of production or origin, e.g.: a toy that is made in China. The players indicate the country on the map and discuss how the toy got to their country.
  • Utopia: The players think of their ideal country. What would be the rules? What would it look like? Which animals would live there? etc. They can draw the country as well. 

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn the locations of countries/continents.
  • Raise awareness about different cultures and customs. 

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