Collecting My Rights

Players collect as many rights as possible while discussing the different children's rights on the game board.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Explain to the players that they are going to play a game about the rights a child has. We are going to find out what rights there are. The aim is to collect as many rights as possible.


The players roll the dice and move their pawn on the board (Annex 1).


When the player lands on a square of a certain colour, they take a card of the corresponding colour (Annex 2) and discuss the picture (see additional game information).


After discussing the picture, the players have to decide whether something bad or good happens in this picture. If it is something bad, they have to step back. If it is something good, they take a step forward.


Next, they take a look at the different rights written down in words (Annex 3), e.g. 'the right to education'. If they can match the right picture to the right sentence, they can keep the right. If they don't know, they have to put the right back on the pile.


After the game, ask the participants some reflective questions about the images discussed during the game (see additional game information).

Extra game information

Questions when taking a coloured card:  

  • What do you see in the picture? 
  • What are the figures doing? What do they look like? 
  • Do you do this often?
  • Are they happy/sad? Why? 

Depending on the drawing, ask additional questions to clarify the meaning of the law being presented. You can also involve the other children. 


Reflective questions at the end of the game:  

  • Are there any images that you have experienced before? 
  • Have you seen it before? Read about it? Heard about it? 
  • Do all children need these rights? Why yes/no?


This game is part of the 'All Children, All Right(s)!' toolkit, which focuses on promoting children's rights.

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