Let's Find Our Protector

Find your protector blindfolded by following their voice but watch out for the thief!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Blindfold for each player

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Bring all players together and start by discussing the importance of being loved and cared for, and how this is usually provided by parents, family or friends, foster parents, or living groups.


Choose one player to be the 'protector', who will represent a parent, and another player to be the 'thief'.


Blindfold all the players, except for the protector, and scatter them around the playing area.


Instruct the blindfolded players to find the protector by listening to his/her sounds while avoiding the thief.


The thief should repeat "I will find you" while trying to catch the players. The other players should listen to the thief's voice to keep a safe distance.If a blindfolded player is tagged by the thief, they are out of the game and must sit down quietly until the game ends. They are not allowed to help other players find the protector.


The protector should call out to the players by saying "Children I'm here," and the players should listen carefully to find their protector.


When a player finds the protector, they should call out "Mum/dad." Once they touch their protector and call out "mum/dad" again, the parent cannot answer, indicating that the player has found their protector.


The game continues until all the blindfolded players find the protector, or until the thief catches all the players.


After the game, hold a brief discussion with the players to reflect on the experience and what they learned (see additional game information for discussion questions).

Extra game information

Discussion questions:  

  • Ask the players what they felt during the game? How did you feel while looking for your protector? How did you feel while looking out for the thief?
  • Who are the protectors and 'thieves' in the players' daily lives?
  • Are there people who prevent them from being protected from certain dangers?

This game is part of the 'All Children, All Right(s)!' toolkit, which focuses on promoting the right to protection.


Make the game more fun and engaging for younger players by letting them make animal sounds. They make a sound of, say, a sheep and the 'older sheep' responds back with the same sound.

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