The boogeyman

A game about motion and suspense.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • A scarf

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Choose one 'boogeyman' in the group.


The "boogeyman" chooses a counselor who will tell him a certain time (for example 5 o'clock).


The children get in the circle, the Boogeyman stands somewhere in the distance, and the counselor stands in the middle of the circle, blindfolded.


The counselor says / sings with the children: “1 o'clock has passed, the boogeyman has not come; 2 o'clock passed, the boogeyman did not come ...” and the children move in a circle around the counselor.


The children will continue to sing until they reach the time set by the Boogeyman. When they get to that hour, the counselor will say / sing: "Time X has come, the Boogeyman has come!" At that moment, the Boogeyman runs towards the children to catch them.


When they hear this, the players, including the counselor who takes off the scarf, will have to run away to avoid being caught by the Boogeyman. Whoever gets caught first will become the Boogeyman and the game will resume.

Extra game information

The counselor can increase the suspense by accentuating the number during the tune or by inserting a short pause. For example: "It's ... THREE o'clock... the Boogeyman .... (short pause) ... he hasn't come"

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fqwf gwgggwg

17 April, 2024


El hombre de negro no hace flexiones, empuja la tierra

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