Different Abilities, Equal Rights: exclusion vs inclusion

Discuss together the barriers and inclusion opportunities often faced by people with disabilities and impairments.

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Have one of the players choose a tool from the light circle, see additional game information for a description of all tools.


Discuss with the group what the tool is and who gets to use it.


Now have another player choose one of the domains in the corner of the poster, see additional game information for a description of these domains.


Together, think of one barrier and one inclusion option for someone using this tool.


Now the next player chooses another tool.


The game ends when all tools have been discussed or when the group no longer feels like playing the game.

Extra game information

Tools on the poster: wheelchair, wheelchair ramp for building access, blind cane + sunglasses, assistance/therapy dog, medicines, Braille book, speech computer/tablet, hearing aid, sign language, tricycle, glasses/magnifier, leg/arm prosthesis, couch/support.

The 'Different Abilities, Equal Rights' poster is one of the two posters on the right to development. In the middle of the poster, four main characters - including Amir, one of the secondary characters in the stories of the five characters - are depicted. The green and red rectangles below the main character allow players to talk about barriers and how to make (public) spaces accessible for people with a disability. Around the main characters, one can see 13 circles with devices/tools which can support people with disabilities or disorders. In the four corners, icons are drawn to allow players to discuss the impact of disabilities and disorders on: education, health care, friends/family and play.


  • Instead of starting with the tools, start at one of the characters in the middle and choose one or more tools you think they could use.
  • Instead of starting with the tools, tart from the corners of the poster. Discuss the barriers and opportunities for inclusion in this domain for people with a disability and/or disorder.

  • Extra: Ask the players to focus on the duty-bearers in the barrier and the inclusion option they mentioned for someone using this tool. Do they need help from a duty-bearer within this inclusion option? Do some duty-bearers hinder them/are some duty-bearers not adapted to the situation when using this tool (barrier)?

Specific learning objectives

  • Learning about disabilities and disorders.
  • Learn to create an open and welcoming environment for people with disabilities and disorders.

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