Let's Debate: Do duty-bearers support or hinder me?

Get players to think about how duty-bearers can support or hinder them in specific situations.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Gather a group of players around the "Debate Time!" panel.


First let the players take turns to decide the topic of discussion.


Have the players think about a situation or experience related to this topic.


Have them turn the disc a second time (green or red square). Ending on a green square, have the players tell how a duty-bearer helped or supported them in this situation. Ending on a red square, have the players tell how a duty-bearer hindered them in this situation.


Support the players to help each other, for example when someone cannot come up with a situation or experience.

Extra game information

The topics: 

(1) Rainbow flag (LGBTQI+) - (2) Social media - (3) Multicultural community - (4) Religion - (5) Vegetarian food - (6) Means of transportation - (7) Alcohol/smoking - (8) Elections/voting - (9) Weapons - (10) Robots - (11) Gender - (12) Question mark (own topic)

Tips for the youth worker to facilitate peaceful debate: establish a code of conduct with the players at the beginning of the game. A code of conduct is a "document" that lists the expected behaviours of all members of a group, and the behaviours that are unacceptable when interacting with each other.

You can draft a code of conduct together with the children/young people, and do this at the beginning of the game. Take a large piece of paper and pens and have the players think about rules they think are important in a group discussion. These rules are created by them, resulting in more loyalty towards them. Have them sign the code of conduct.

This game has been specially created to work on the topic of duty-bearers with children and youngsters.

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