Who can move the fastest and then be the stillest.

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A game leader is chosen who will sit down facing a wall.

Behind him, the rest of the players line up at a distance behind a line.


Facing the wall, the game leader says, faster or slower: "1 2 3 stop at the wall!" At the end of which he turns (usually quickly) to the crowd behind him.


Players must get as close as possible to the leader while he or she is facing the wall. When he turns to face the players, they must remain motionless. Any player caught in the movement is sent back to the starting line.


The player that reaches the leader first wins.

What people said about this game

Rob Sweldens

Manager StreetSmart Mobile School NPO BE

11 September, 2019


An old game which has served its purpose in many groups many times! Always successful and a lot of fun assured with young children! Thanks for sharing!

Natasa Efremidou

Social Worker Ladies Union of Drama- House of Open Hospitality GR

21 November, 2019


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