Shanks & Sticks - Dangers on the Streets

Raise awareness about different dangers in the street by solving the quiz questions while having fun with a Twister game

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Prepare the Twister pitch on the ground. Then, turn the Thunder arrow. You get a colour and either a "hand" or "foot".


Pick the first question with the same colour and answer it. If you answer the questions correctly, place your "hand" or "foot" on the indicated colored circle of the twister game that you have drawn in the street.


The other team does the same. Turn the arrow. Based on the color, pick a question and answer it. If the answer is correct, put your "hand" or " foot" on the colored circle.


Continue to play until one person falls down on the Twister pitch. If a person falls down, the other team wins the Shanks & Sticks game. Make sure to take time to reflect on the answers given to the different questions.

Extra game information

Draw the twister game on the street before starting the game. This drawing can be accessed by more young persons (<10) so that they also have the feeling to be part of the game.

Questions are aimed to children over 10yrs old. Prepare non-judgemental questions like:

  • What is a good sleeping spot?
  • What to do when you get robbed?
  • Is it ok to get money for sex?
  • What's the sum of your number of lungs, kidneys and liver?
  • What if you're threatening you with a weapon?
  • How long does a pregnancy last?
  • Where can you get a passport?
  • ...

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Mobile School NPO

Mobile School NPO BE

17 March, 2020


A traditional Twister game - like some others on the StreetSmart Play - with the addition of relevant and important questions for children and youngsters who are spending a lot of time on the streets! Feel free to adapt the questions to your target group. It's essential to wrap-up the activity with a reflection so the given answers can be discussed in group. Many different topics can be covered with this methodology and the kids will surely like the Twister! Thanks for sharing!

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