Risky situations - Discussion

Reflect about the risks of and on the streets by talking about risky situations and learn how to prevent them.

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The players explore the game board and choose one specific situation to talk about. 


Facilitate the discussion and give all the players the time to express themselves and share their opinion about the chosen situation. Suggested questions:

  • Do you recognise this situation? Have you ever been in a situation like this?
  • What did you do? What could you have done
  • Which situations do you absolutely not like? Which situations are okay to you?
  • In which situation would you like to be, and which certainly not?
  • How would you react in a certain situation?
  • Do you know somebody who's been in a situation like this? 

After the discussion a player can choose another situation. Once again, the group discusses about the situation and the topic by using the questions listed above. You can use different categories to reflect and give input when discussing about the situation and the consequences like shelter, love, freedom, money, clothes, school, safety, friendship, health, food and many more… 

Extra game information

Discussion game board with 137 situations, both positive/neutral and risky. The game board is divided in different areas: apartment building, city centre, factory, train station, refugee center, school, border post, beach and harbor, village and the underground (metro and mine area). 


A player plays the different situations and freezes when it is getting (too) negative. Now change the player. This player has to look for and act out a positive solution. 

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn how to react when being confronted with risky situations.
  • Learn about how to avoid risky situations. 

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Andrei Craciun

Psychologist Save the Children Iasi RO

22 August, 2019


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