Rose of axes - Role-play

Learn to recognise and name emotions with yourself and other people and learn how to deal with them.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Only use these game boards after you have taken enough time to work around emotions and characteristics with SOCIETY B5a and SOCIETY B5b. 


Draw a circle on the blackboard or on a piece of paper and divide it into eight parts. Write down a characteristic in each part of the circle. 


Two players from the group close their eyes. 


One of the two players spins in the circle with his finger until the other player says 'stop'. 


They now quietly read the characteristic where the finger has stopped and look at a situation from one of the characteristic boards together. 


The other players open their eyes and guess which situation the two players are enacting and with which characteristic. 


The player from the crowd that can guess which characteristic is being portrayed, wins. 


Repeat the game with two other players. 

Extra game information

On each game board, two or three situations are portrayed. Each situation shows an interaction between two or more people. The face of one of the children in the situation is not recognisable, but instead shows a little mirror. The purpose of this is for the players to try and identify themselves with the person with the mirrored face. 

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn what characteristics people can have and how to relate to them keeping your own character in mind.

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