The World Map Game

Link flags, objects and monuments to the correct countries and extend your knowledge of the world!

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Attach the DIY GEO#1 panel to a big discussion panel and attach the Mobile School sliding door

panel to that discussion panel. Close all the doors so all images are hidden.


This game is played by 4 teams (or by 4 players).


Team 1 opens one door of column 1 or 2 and will see a flag of a country.


Now, team 1 will open one door of column 3 or 4.

If the object on the drawing links with the flag of the country (check the coloured bar to be sure),

the team can continue by opening a door of column 5 or 6.

If not, all doors are closed again and it's team 2's turn. Now they can open one door of column 1 or



If a team can open the 3 doors (flag, object & monument) corresponding to the same country, they get 1 point. If the team can name the country corresponding to the images, they get an additional point. Another point can be earned if they can name the capital city of the country.


The players need to memorise the doors opened by the other teams in order to score as many points as possible.


The game ends, when all combinations have been found. The team who scored the most points wins the game!

Extra game information

On the panel, there are 6 different columns, representing flags, objects and monuments of different countries:

  • Column 1 & 2: flags
  • Column 3 & 4: typical objects
  • Column 5 & 6: famous monuments

Below all images, you can see a coloured bar. Images with a coloured bar of the same colour, belong together.


  • France - Cheese, wine & bread - Eiffel Tower
  • Greece - Olives & feta (Greek salad) - Acropolis
  • United States - Fast food (hamburgers, French fries & Coca Cola) - Statue of Liberty
  • Mexico - Sombrero - Pyramid of Chichen Itza
  • Brazil - Carnaval - Cristo Redentor on Corcovado Mountain
  • Cuba - Rum & cigar - Streets of Havana
  • Peru - Pan flute & alpaca - Machu Picchu
  • Egypt - Pharaoh mask - Pyramids
  • South Africa - Wildlife/ the Big Five - Table Mountain in Cape Town
  • Australia - Kangaroo & koala - Sydney Opera House
  • China - Rice & dragon - Great Wall of China
  • India - Indian woman & Ganesha - Taj Mahal


  • This game can be played by just one player, without the help of a street educator, thanks to the autocorrection system (coloured bars).
  • If the game is too difficult, the players can link two categories (4 columns instead of 6) instead of all three.
  • Combine the game with one of the Mobile School world maps. If a team can indicate the country their images correspond to on the world map, they get an extra point.
  • Adapt this game to your local context, by printing out your own drawings and/or a map of your country, continent or neighboring countries.

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