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a circle game / energizer.

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  • all kind of objects

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Everyone walks around in a circle after each other. Everyone is holding an object to throw in his / her hand. (can be anything, a ball, pine cones, a piece of trash, ... but avoid knives, scissors, etc)


When the signal is given everyone throws the object up in the air, a bit behind them.


While they continue walking they attempt to catch the object of the player in front of them. They do NOT attempt to catch their own object.

What people said about this game

Andrei Craciun

Psychologist Save the Children Iasi RO

23 August, 2019


Nice to play. I can imagine it gets a bit more challenging when there are more children in the circle. Very simple.

Vicky Konstantinidou

Project Coordinator Ladies Union of Drama GR

23 August, 2019


Such a funny way to break the ice! Highly recommended ^_^

Rob Sweldens

Manager StreetSmart Mobile School NPO BE

23 August, 2019


Fun and really short game to do with small or bigger groups. Really enjoyed it! Small advice to other players: make sure you have other games in your mind as well, as you can't play this for more than 5 minutes.

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