A simple, life-sized form of chess.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the group into two equal groups.


Place the groups against each other on the site with +/- 10 meters in between. Draw a line of +/- 5 meters wide on both sides to define the playing field.


Each group may in turn designate one player who may make a jump in the playing field. This may be both diagonal and straight forward, but it must always be forward. All other players remain standing.


After landing, he may also no longer move and he must not touch the ground with his hands.

From his place, he may try to tap one or more other players.


A player who is tagged by the other team drops out.

The team with the last survivor is the winner.

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Mobile School NPO

Mobile School NPO BE

31 October, 2019


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