Prejudice Barriers

A great game to learn about the barriers people face based on the colour of their skin.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Dice
  • List of questions about race/prejudice

Make it yourself


Step 1

List of questions about race/prejudice

Search for questions or information related to race prejudice and make a list with all the information you found. You can find some questions in the additional game information below.

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Each player will roll the dice once, and the number shown will determine which character a participant will be each during the game.

For example:

  1. White person
  2. Black person
  3. Latino
  4. Woman
  5. Men
  6. Elderly

Throughout the game, a participant will stay this character until the game has ended.


The more vulnerable persons will have to answer more questions than the least vulnerable in order to move forward in the game. This way, not all the players will have as much chances to win the game.

For example:

White participants will be the most privileged in the game and answer only 1 question before proceeding to the next step. Black-skinned participants will be the least privileged and answer 3 questions before proceeding to the next step. Elder people will need to answer 2 questions before proceeding to the next step. Make sure to agree on the number of questions to answer.


Depending on their character (latino, white person, black person ...), the participants will face barriers during the game. These barriers symbolize prejudice. All the players will have to answer questions related to prejudice before moving on to the next step.


You can add as many steps as possible, for example 3 different steps. If a player answers a question correctly or can give an answer to that question, you can move to the next step. For example: a white person can win the game if he/she can answer 3 questions (1 question per stage). However, a black person might have to answer 9 questions (3 questions per stage) before reaching the finish.


Crossing the last barrier symbolises reaching your dreams. After the end of the game ask each participant what they learned in the game and how they feel about their specific character. For example: was it easy to be a dark-skinned character during the game? Why (not)? The discussion part on prejudice and race is crucial here, so write down the most important findings on a paper or on a board before wrapping-up the discussion.

Extra game information

Game created by Drika and Jessica from Brazil, Street Child United Young Leaders.

Possible questions on race and prejudice:

  1. What's one way you think your life would have been different had you been born another race?
  2. What privileges do you have that others do not?
  3. What's a privilege you never want to give up?
  4. What’s one embarrassing mistake you hope never to make with a person of another race?
  5. What’s your earliest memory of becoming aware of racism? 
  6. ...


The objective is to show that everyone faces barriers and is confronted with prejudice. Luckily, we are resilient and are able to face difficulties, overcome prejudices and win this daily battle. We must never give up on your dreams, YOU ARE ABLE.

What people said about this game

Sander Degeling

Partnership Coordinator Africa & Asia StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

1 September, 2020


Well-chosen topic, relevant in many different contexts around the world! Make sure to prepare the questions on barriers and prejudices before the game. Thank you for sharing the game Street Child United, Drika and Jessica.

Lies De Vocht

Content & Communication Officer StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

1 September, 2020


This is a really interesting topic, and will elicit some interesting conversations between the participants.

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