Our city

Get to know the various children's rights in a participatory and realise that children's rights are interwoven in our society

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Everything you need to play this game

  • paper
  • pencils
  • large piece of paper
  • cards with the children's rights on it

Make it yourself


Step 1

cards with children's rights

Print or write the children's rights on little cards

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Give the participants one sheet of paper and one pencil in pairs. Give them the task of drawing their ideal 'dream house' together. They have to do this by holding one pencil together and without speaking. The blank sheet of paper represents an empty city (for now) in which the children will all live. The blank sheet represents an (as yet) empty city in which the participants will all live. The participants have to place their house somewhere in this city. They are allowed to choose the place they like best. 


Now let the participants continue to create the city/village that is ideal for them. 

They can draw everything on the plan to ensure that all the children in this city can live well, happily and healthily. Buildings, roads, rivers, facilities, nature, landscape, infrastructure, etc. 

In this phase, of course, consultation is allowed. 

Discuss with the participants the city they have created: 

  • What is there to see in this city? 
  • Is this city complete? Are there things

missing that are also necessary?

  • What is well chosen? What is less so? 
  • Would you like to live here? Why yes/no

Hand out the cards with the children's rights and let the participants think for a moment about where in the city each of these rights are represented. 

Then, one by one, the participants may place their card at a certain place in the city. They explain their choice. 


  • Are there any children's rights for which nothing has been provided, and which 

should be taken care of? 

  • How can you make sure that these different rights are rights are addressed in our city? 
  • Are there buildings to implement laws? To have the laws to have the laws respected?

Discuss the similarities with real life 

  • Do you see any similarities/differences with how things are done in society? 
  • Do you try to participate actively in the life of your neighbourhood, your town, your school, an association? 
  • Do you just let things be? Are you not interested? What could arouse your interest? 

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