Go shopping and spend your available budget on all kinds of items during the fun supermarket game.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the group in 4 players or teams.


Write their names on the blackboard or on a piece of paper as follows:

  1. Player 1: 20
  2. Player 2: 20
  3. Player 3: 20
  4. Player 4: 20

Each player will get a starting capital of 20 points. With this capital, you will need to buy different products during the game.


Player 1 spins the disc. The arrow lands on one of the six categories. Now the player can make the

(strategic) decision to buy a specific product. If a player decides to buy a product, the player will

pay for the product with his/her starting capital.


Write down the different items and their value on the board for each player. Always subtract the

value of the product from the total amount of money of that player.


The game ends when a player has managed to buy a product of each category. Add up the values of the products each player has bought. The player who managed to buy a product of each category first, gets 2 points extra. The player with the most points wins the game.


Start a discussion after the game about the items that were bought by the players. Use questions


  • Why did you choose a certain product (when the rotation disk ended on an empty colour)?
  • When you look at your own products and at the products of the other players, who has the best total package and why?
  • Who still has coins? How many? Is this a good/bad thing? Why?

Extra game information

On the Supermarket rotation disc, one can see six different colours. Each colour represents a category:

  • Yellow = food and beverages
  • Red = clothes
  • Green = health and hygiene
  • Blue = luxury products
  • Black = joker or wildcard
  • Black (+) = joker - the player gets one coin extra
  • Black (-) = joker - the player loses one product


  • When the rotation disk lands on black (+), the player can negotiate with other players and try to exchange products. When the rotation disk ends on black (-), the player loses one coin.
  • When the rotation disk lands on black (+), the player whose turn it is can take away a product of another player. When the rotation disk lands on black (-), the player has to choose one player to whom he has to give one of his own coins.
  • In order to be able to buy the product upon which the rotation disk ends, the players have to run in circles around the mobile school the number of times equal to the value of the product. Every time the player passes the rotation disk, another player spins the disk. When another player manages to make the disk end on the same category the player can’t buy the product anymore.
  • Put a bottle on a certain distance from the black board. The street worker turns the rotation disk. If the players want to buy the product, they have to run to the bottle and pick it up first.

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