Universal Goose Game

Turn every scene or topic into a creative and expressive board game with this game board!

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Decide what the playing field will be, depending on where you play the game: e.g. the (entire) educational center, the market square, the block,...


Each player places a pawn on the white start symbol in the middle of the game board.


Ask all players to throw the die to determine who can start. The player with the highest number can start the game (player 1).


Player 1 throws the die and moves his/her pawn accordingly in the direction of his/her choosing.


Player 1 completes the assignment that corresponds with the square he/she landed on (see extra game information).


Now, player 2 throws the die, etc.


Since the panel is shaped like an eight, there is no clear end point.

You can play for a certain amount of time. The player who has carried out the most assignments in the given time then wins the game.

You can also agree that whoever completes the eight (or just one loop) and reaches the start symbol again first, is the winner of the game.

Extra game information

Explanation of the symbols:

  1. Looking glass (light green) = SEARCH/COUNT: The game leader mentions something (an object, an animal, … ) the player needs to count or something specific that needs to be searched in the playing field.
  2. Text balloon (orange) = WORD GAME: - The game leader asks the player to describe a particular word/event/... from the playing field (or in general) without using one or more given words (taboo game). The other players guess which word/event/... the player is describing. - The game leader asks the player to voice his/her opinion about a particular situation or topic (possibly linked to something in the playing field). - The game leader asks the player to find as many objects as possible in the playing field that start with a given letter.
  3. Theater mask (dark green) = ENACT The player enacts a situation, person, animal, object,... visible in the playing field. The other players have to guess what is being enacted.
  4. Pencil (blue) = DRAW The player draws a situation, person, animal, object,... visible in the playing field. The other players have to guess what the player is drawing.
  5. Clock (pink) = WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? The game leader points at a particular situation in the playing field (or starts telling a story him-/herself) and asks the player: What happens next? The player describes what happens next in the situation in his/her opinion.
  6. Eye (red) = WHAT DOES ... SEE? The game leader points at a person or animal in the playing field and asks the player what that person or animal is seeing.
  7. Hand (white) = SKIP A TURN The player is out for one round.
  8. Die (white) = THROW AGAIN The player can throw the die again.


  • The Universal Goose Game was initially designed for all StreetSmart Wheels partners. It can be combined with every Mobile School discussion panel, e.g.: the COVID-19 Overview Panel.
  • This game can be used to discuss a specific topic with players as well, e.g. religion. Adapt your playing field accordingly to make sure all assignments can be carried out (e.g. prepare cards with specific words for the word games, look for pictures related to the topic for the storytelling exercises,...)

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