RITUALS • Create Your Crew

Fortify your team or “crew” through identifying and gathering symbols of strength, cultivating a sense of identity, unity and togetherness.

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Draft your own flag or logo

Every child gets a blank sheet of paper along with markers or paint. Encourage all children to spend some time brainstorming and drawing their ideas for the team or crew’s flag or logo. They can consider symbols, colours, and pictures that reflect the values, goals, and personality of their crew. After all the children have finished their designs, decide together on one design that best represents your crew, and then bring it to life on a bigger piece of paper or a piece of cloth. 

Invent a unique handshake for your team

Now it’s time to come up with a unique handshake that shows how united and strong your crew is. Form a circle and take turns adding a new movement or gesture to the handshake. When it’s your turn, repeat the handshake from the start and then add something of your own. Play around with different ways to move your hands, clap, and pose. Keep going until you’ve created a special and memorable handshake that makes everyone feel part of the team. 

Create your own crew song or chant

Join forces to come up with a song that celebrates your never-give-up attitude and how well you work together. Try playing with all kinds of music styles and beats, or even add some rap or spoken word parts. Once your song is ready, keep practicing it as a team until all of you feel proud and confident. To guide you through, our game board is here to help: https://play.street-smart.be/en/game/view/111

Extra game information

This game is part of the Rituals toolkit, created for the International Day of Street Children on April 12th. In 2024, the Consortium for Street Children's international campaign focused on the theme of belonging.

The toolkit focuses on how important it is for children to feel like they belong and offers resources for incorporating rituals into youth work practices. The aim of this toolkit is to ensure street-connected children are made to feel welcome and part of the community.  

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