RITUALS • Embracing special moments

In this game, we create unforgettable experiences for birthdays and other milestones by incorporating meaningful social rituals.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Large banner or roll of paper
  • Markers, pencils or crayons
  • Crafting materials such as flitter, ribbons ...
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured papers

A step-by-step guide to play the game

Create a birthday wishes banner

Create a big, colourful banner with birthday wishes, kind messages and creative drawing for each child’s birthday. Whenever a child has a birthday coming up, everyone can add something special to the banner for them, whether it’s a drawing of their favourite animal, a heartfelt wish, or a fun message.

On the day of their birthday celebration, unveil the banner as a big surprise to show them how much everyone cares. This way, each child feels celebrated, and the banner becomes a memorable part of every birthday! 

Design a unique crown for the birthday child

Design together a special crown that the child can wear on their big day. Use colourful paper, glitter, ribbons and jewels to create a crown that’s as unique as they are. Think about what they love – maybe they like dinosaurs, stars, or flowers – and use those ideas to make the crown really special.

When it’s ready, the birthday child gets to put it on and wear it all day, feeling like a royalty. It’s a fun way for them to stand out and feel extra special during their birthday celebrations!

Invent a special birthday celebration game for your group

Let’s think outside the box and find a fun new way to celebrate birthdays, something different from the usual cake and candles. What about planning a treasure hunt based on what the birthday kid loves, putting on a talent show where everyone shares something cool, or having a party where you make awesome crafts together?

Get input from the birthday child and see what the whole group thinks would be the most fun. This way, every birthday is a unique adventure that’s personalised just for them!

Extra game information

This game is part of the Rituals toolkit, created for the International Day of Street Children on April 12th. In 2024, the Consortium for Street Children's international campaign focused on the theme of belonging.

The toolkit focuses on how important it is for children to feel like they belong and offers resources for incorporating rituals into youth work practices. The aim of this toolkit is to ensure street-connected children are made to feel welcome and part of the community.  

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