Eurovision Contest!

An European music competition where you can have fun, learn and discover new talents

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Make it yourself


Step 1

Make your own microphone!
  1. Find a paper tube
  2. Create a ball of paper or find a small plastic ball
  3. Stick the little ball on the tube
  4. Burn your improvised microphone
  5. You can decorate it with extra glitter!
Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game

  1. We first divide the group into participants & presenters
  2. Each player must choose a country to represent and the song he/she will sing & explain his choice to his teammates.
  3. He can then paint the flag of the country he chose on A4 paper.
  4. The presenter writes the names of the countries involved in small pieces of paper, folds them and puts them in a jar.
  5. Each participant selects a card from the jar and thus determines the order of appearance
  6. The presenter gives the microphone to each singer and the song contest can start

Extra game information

  • When choosing a country we can ask the children about the customs and customs of the country they chose and talk about them
  • We can have a map with us to see the location of the country
  • We can add dance moves to any participation but also encourage costume making.

Specific learning objectives

  • Geography

  • Opportunity for extroversion

  • Exploring new talents

  • Tying the team

  • Fun

What people said about this game

Joke Verreth

Partnership Coordinator Europe & Latin America StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

20 March, 2020


A wonderful game that allows the children and youngsters to creatively express themselves while learning more about different countries, cultures,... at the same time. A "must-play"!

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