“This beautiful discussion panel allows you to discuss and challenge gender roles & stereotypes”

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Everything you need to play this game

  • DIY SOCIETY #2 panel
  • Dress-up clothes
  • Camera

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Gather the children in front of the panel.


Talk about the different people on the panel: Who can they see? What is the relationship between the people depicted, according to them?


Talk about gender, gender characteristics & gender stereotypes: How can you define which gender a person has? Are there things that are typically male/female? Possible topics: professions, parentol roles, family situations, sexual orientation, leisure activities,...


Talk about the different interpretations/viewpoints of the children of different situations & try to challenge their gender stereotypes & make them aware of their own gender image.


Talk about the difference between seeing and thinking, the difference between what we see & the value we attach to it& stimulate the children to have an open mindset.

Extra game information

This panel was created by StreetSmart Wheels partner Jugendamt Stadt Düsseldorf.

The panel depicts the Hermann square in Düsseldorf, where the team used to work with the mobile school. On the panel, different people of different cultures are visible, portrayed with both typical and untypical gender characteristics.


  • What happens next? The children choose a situation and talk about what happens next.
  • News show (in puppetry window): One of the children is the Mobile School reporter & asks the other children questions about what's happening on the panel.
  • Life story: The children choose one of the people on the panel & invent his/her life story.
  • Text Balloons (1): Write two (or more) text balloons next to the panel & indicate a situation with more than 1 person. Ask the children to say or write down what those people are saying to each other.
  • Text Balloons (2): Draw a big text balloon on the mobile school next to the panel. Ask one of the children to write down a sentence. The other children have to find a person that could be saying that sentence.
  • Enacting: One child or a group of children choose a situation or a person on the panel to enact. The other children have to guess which situation or person it is.
  • Life Panel: The children go to a big square in the neighborhood (or look around) and look for situations that are similar to the ones on the panel. If they find them, they take a picture and try to recreate the panel with pictures.

Specific learning objectives

Stimulate open-mindedness in regards to gender, gender roles & gender


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