Talent Ship

Use the battleship game methodology to look for essential skills in different relationships.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


This game is played by 2 players (or 2 groups), on opposite sides of the mobile school.


Print the DIY BUSINESS #2a panel (yellow grid) 4 times and tape the grids to the 2 MAG 2 panels and to 2 magnetic panels of the same size (31x31).


Print the DIY BUSINESS #2b panel (legend) 2 times.


Attach 2 DIY BUSINESS #2a magnetic panels & 1

DIY BUSINESS #2b panel on opposite sides of the mobile school (1 set of 3 panels per player).


Collect 140 bottle tops. Colour the inside of 28 bottle tops with permanent marker in each of the following colours: red, black, blue & green.

Leave 28 bottle tops blank (white).


Write 'family', 'friends', 'work' and '?' around a rotation disc (corners).


Both players spin the rotation disc and keep their selected relationship (family, friends or work) in mind during the next steps of the game.

If the rotation disc lands on the question mark, the players are free to choose a relationship.


Both players look at the skills on the DIY BUSINESS #2b panel (legend). Each player can select different skills they think are important in the relationship they selected earlier (friends, family or work). They each have 15 bottle tops in total & can look at the legend to see how many bottle tops of which colour they need for each selected skill.


Per skill, the players put the according number of

coloured bottle tops horizontally, vertically or diagonally in one line on their first DIY BUSINESS

#2a panel. They do this until all of their skills are on the grid.


Now, the players play the game of 'Battle Ship' with the skills:

  • First, player 1 has to guess where the skills of player 2 are located, by naming a certain quadrant (1 letter + 1 number, eg. "B4" or "F6"). If he hits a bottle top of the skill of player 2, player 2 says "Boom!". If player 1 hits an empty quadrant, player 2 says "Splash!".

Then, player 2 has to guess where the skills of player 1 are by naming a certain quadrant etc.


The players can use the second DIY BUSINESS

#2a panel to keep track of which quadrants of the other player they already asked. They can, for example, draw an 'x' in the bottle caps they put

on empty quadrants and a '!' in the bottle caps

they put on quadrants that were hit.


Once all the bottle tops of a certain skill of one of the players have been hit, that player says "Skill fully hit!". When this happens, the other player

needs to guess which skill he hit, by searching

for the skills with that specific number of bottle

tops on the DIY BUSINESS #2b panel.


If the skill is guessed correctly, the player who chose the skill needs to explain why he chose that specific skill for the relationship he selected.


  • You can play this game with many different themes. The legend can be adapted easily, by allocating different words, characteristics,... to the bottle top sequences.
  • By colouring the bottle tops with different patterns and colours (instead of just using black, blue, green, red & white), you can play a memory game with the panel as well. Attach the 2 MAG 2 panel on opposite sides of the mobile school. Fill 1 of the MAG 2 panels with bottle tops of different colours and patterns. The players can look at it for 1 minute. Then, they need to run to the other side of the mobile school and recreate the panel on the other MAG 2 panel.

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