Let's Debate: debate time!

Spin the rotation disk and start a debate on the topic it lands on. Are you pro or contra, and can you build a solid argument?

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Add an arrow to the middle of the poster with a split pen.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Make sure to check the additional game information for tips on facilitating a peaceful debate.


One of the players turns the disc. The disc lands on one of 11 topics (see additional game information for an overview of the topics).


The player shares with the group whether he is for or against this topic and gives at least three arguments why.


Now the next player turns the disc and gives his opinion.


The game ends when all topics have been discussed.

Extra game information

The topics:

(1) Rainbow flag (LGBTQI+) - (2) Social media - (3) Multicultural community - (4) Religion - (5) Vegetarian food - (6) Means of transportation - (7) Alcohol/smoking - (8) Elections/voting - (9) Weapons - (10) Robots - (11) Gender - (12) Question mark (own topic)

Tips for the youth worker to facilitate peaceful debate: establish a code of conduct with the players at the beginning of the game. A code of conduct is a "document" that lists the expected behaviours of all members of a group, and the behaviours that are unacceptable when interacting with each other.

You can draft a code of conduct together with the children/young people, and do this at the beginning of the game. Take a large piece of paper and pens and have the players think about rules they think are important in a group discussion. These rules are created by them, resulting in more loyalty towards them. Have them sign the code of conduct.


  • Once a player has given an argument, the next player in the group is obliged to continue the debate with an opposing argument. Then the next players follow, again with an opposing argument.
  • So pro - contra - pro - contra. Try to challenge the group to keep the debate going for as long as possible.
  • Spin the disc a second time and see if it lands on the green or red part of the panel (corners). If the disc lands on green, the player must find arguments pro for this topic. If the disc lands on red, the player must find arguments against this topic.
  • Someone turns the disc. Go to one side if you are for this topic, go to the other side if you are against this topic. You can also give green or red cards to the players to allow them to show if they are pro or contra a topic.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learning to listen to an argument without interrupting.
  • Respecting different opinions.
  • Learning how to inhibit direct responses and big emotions.
  • Learning how to take another point of view.

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