Needs & wants • Business

Learn how to prioritise purchases when setting up a business.

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Explain the difference between 'needs' and 'wants' for businesses, e.g.: a bus driver needs a bus and might want to have a radio.


Each player choses a business to start from and writes it down or makes a drawing.


The players write an 'N' next to the items on the panel which are absolute needs for their business and a 'W' next to the items they would like to have.


Discuss and ask why they made their choices. Suggested questions:

  • Is it possible to have different opinions?
  • Can a need be a want for an other business?

Choose another business and see if there are differences.

Extra game information

Needs are things you have to have this week in order for your business to survive. You cannot put off buying them until next week.

Wants are things you would like to have. These are the things you can buy if you have enough money, after you have taken care of all your business' needs.


  • Two teams write down the needs and wants for the same business. Afterwards, compare their answers and have a discussion.
  • Charades: Act out or depict an object without using words. Two clues can be given: is it a need or a want, and for which business can you use it?  
  • Combine with the overview panel or with other BUSINESS panels. Decide on the needs and wants for the businesses on these panels.

Specific learning objectives

  • Understand the difference between a need and a want.
  • Think about what is necessary to start up and run a business.

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