Try to be the first one to secure your four bottle caps safely on the end squares in order to win this challenging board game.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Each player chooses a colour and puts his four bottle caps on the four start circles of the same colour. 


The player who throws the highest score with the dice can start the game.


To place the first bottle cap on the starting area, the players need to throw a six with the dice.

  • When a player throws a six: he can place one bottle cap of his colour on the starting area. After this, he can throw the dice again and move his bottle cap the indicated number of spaces forward.
  • When a player doesn't throw a six: his turn is over.

The next player throws the dice. Repeat step 3.


See Additional game info for more game rules.


If a bottle cap has covered the entire course (when it completed one round of the board game), it must be brought to the "home run" (four rows in the middle of the panel) of the correct colour.


The player who is the first one to have his four bottle caps into the "home run", wins the game.

Extra game information

Additional game rules

  • If a player passes a bottle cap of opponents, nothing happens. But if a player lands with his bottle cap on top of a bottle cap of another player, this bottle cap must be returned to the starting point. It can be brought back into the game when throwing a six.
  • When a player throws a six during the game, he can put a new bottle cap on the starting area or he can advance six places with a bottle cap already on the starting field.
  • If a player wants to enter the "home run" with a bottle cap, he needs to throw the exact number of spaces to land on an open square. If there is already a bottle cap on the square, the player needs to wait for the next turn to throw the dice again.


You can agree that the bottle cap, which is moved with a six, also must be moved during a new throw. The player cannot move another bottle cap.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn to deal with winning and losing in a competitive game.
  • Learn to be patient.
  • Practice on counting.

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