Circus Game

Stimulate your creative thinking and trigger your imagination with this colourful circus board game

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Take a dice, print the circus game and put it on the ground. Gather at least 4 players or teams of players to play the game. Put a bottle cap for each player in one of the four corners of the panel.


To determine who can start the game, each player rolls the dice. The player with the highest number can start the game. 


The players take turns rolling the dice. They advance the number of squares they roll. 


The players now complete the assignment that corresponds with the square they arrive at (assignments: see Additional game info)


The game ends when one of the players reaches his starting position again.

Extra game information


There are six different activities that focus on six basic skills, which are depicted by ten different symbols and colours:

  1. SEARCH/COUNT: Colour: light green Symbol: a looking glass with the object that needs to be searched/counted Example: How many moustaches do you see on the panel?
  2. ACTIVITY: Colour: yellow Symbol: the 'play' symbol + a drawing of what needs to be done Example: Do this acrobatic trick with two people.
  3. DEPICT A PERSON OR AN ANIMAL FROM THE PANEL: Colour: dark green Symbol: a theatre mask + a person/cat Example: Depict an animal from the panel.
  4. DRAW A PERSON, AN ANIMAL OR AN OBJECT FROM THE PANEL: Colour: blue Symbol: a pencil + a person/a cat/an object Example: Draw a person from the panel
  5. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Colour: pink Symbol: an arrow + a downsized copy of a detail of the panel Example: A juggler is juggling five balls and nearly falls off a step onto the bed of nails of the faqir. What happens next?
  6. WHAT DOES HE/SHE SEE? Colour: red Symbol: an eye + a downsized copy of a detail of the panel Example: A man/woman looks up angrily.
  7. THROW AGAIN Colour: white Symbol: die Example: Throw again with the die.
  8. SWITCH PLACES Colour: white Symbol: two bottle caps with two arrows Example: Switch your own bottle cap with the one from another player.
  9. GO BACK TO START Colour: white Symbol: two bottle caps with one arrow pointing to a grey square Example: Take your own bottle cap back to the place where you started the game.
  10. SKIP A TURN Colour: white Symbol: hand Example: The player can not play the next time. He has to wait one round.


  1. To end the game sooner, stop the game when a player arrives at the next starting square. - If a player arrives exactly on a start square, he can advance the number of squares that he just threw.
  2. Use the entire environment (for example mobile school) for the searching assignments. For example: when the players need to count the number of moustaches on the panel, you can ask them to count the moustaches visible on the entire mobile school.
  3. Use the panel as a discussion panel without playing the goose game.

Specific learning objectives

  • The players are challenged to form an opinion about different situations depicted in the panel.
  • The players are challenged to acquire new skills (e.g. juggle) 

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