Top Job Roulette

Find, reflect about and portray different professions by using these two business rotations discs.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the participants into 2 teams.


One player of team 1 steps forward and turns both discs. The player will get a combination of two items: an object (disc 1) and an environment or characteristic (disc 2).


The player thinks of 3 jobs that are related to the two items that are mentioned, e.g. nature & outside = farmer, park ranger and forester.


Player 1 portrays the 3 jobs in front of team 1. If team 1 guesses the 3 jobs, they earn 1 point.


If team 1 can't guess the jobs, team 2 can guess. If they guess correctly, they earn 1 point.


Then one player of team 2 turns both discs, etc.


The team that earns a point, can draw a body part (e.g. a foot or a head) of an agreed upon figure (e.g. a clown).


The team that has completed the figure first, wins the game.

Extra game information

The game consists of two different rotation discs which you need to attach below or next to each other on one of the outer blackboards of the mobile school. One disc contains different objects (books, fruits, plants, animals etc…). The other disc contains

environments or specific characteristics of certain professions. Clockwise you will find:

  • Teamwork
  • Creative thinking
  • Urban environment
  • Island (working alone)
  • Working outside
  • Countryside
  • Hands
  • Help someone
  • Running/movement (an active profession)
  • Store
  • Person sitting on a chair
  • Working inside


  • You can easily make the game shorter/longer by adapting the number of professions the players need to find.
  • If the team winning a point likes the jobs that were portrayed, they can use vibrant colours and funny characteristics to draw the body part of the figure. If they don't, they can use dark colours and sad characteristics, e.g. sad face.
  • Discuss what makes the jobs interesting/cool/... , what you need to do to be able to get that specific job,...
  • Spin the rotation disc with the objects a second time to determine whether you need to portray, draw, or sing the profession.
  • Give a definition about 3 professions without mentioning certain words.
  • Use a time limit.

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