Child labour

Learn about the existence of different forms of child labour by performing roleplays.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Make pairs and let each pair choose a situation from the panel to make a roleplay about. The roleplay must go about exploitation and abuse of children on the job market. You can help the players by giving them different suggestions (see Additional game info). 


The players play the roleplay. 


At a certain point, a player in the audience intervenes and replaces an actor for an alternative storyline.


Afterwards, have a discussion about the different storylines. Suggested questions:

  • What are good reactions? What are bad reactions? 

Use the group discussion to reflect on the work that children or some of the players do. Suggested questions:

  • What do you like about your job?
  • What do you dislike? What are the risks?
  • What other job would you like to do on the street?
  • Why would you prefer this job? 

Extra game information

On the game board, you can see different children at work; in various situations and circumstances, whether they are safe or not. Different situations include: child soldiers, shoe shiners, acrobats, luggage and bag carriers, young maids, … 

Suggestions for the role-play:

  • Child soldier in army has to do 50 push ups after a very demanding physical exercise. He refuses to do this and gets hit by an officer.
  • Two boys go to the fountain each day to perform tricks for the crowd. The police do not allow it and scares them away again and again… Last night, one of the two boys was beaten up by a police officer.
  • A girl works very hard all week long in a stone quarry/ textile factory/ as a maid in a house… When she gets paid, she receives a lot less than promised.
  • A boy washes windows on the street corner. A driver allows the boy to wash his window and races away when the light turns green. He almost hits the boy and does not pay… this is already the third time this happens today.
  • Two small boys work very hard in a stone quarry. After working and saving for a while, they are very proud to buy themselves a real leather football… Their dream to be a soccer player may now come true.
  • … 


  • The pairs of players have to think of one positive and one negative aspect of the child labour situation. Both aspects need to be integrated in the roleplay. The other players have to find out which situation is being played, and what the positive and negative aspects are (e.g. car washer, positive: working outside, being your own boss, negative: angry customers, small money).
  • Draw a big red and green circle on the ground. The players have to run to the red circle when they think of a negative aspect of child labour and run to the green circle when they think of a positive aspect. 

Specific learning objectives

  • Recognise the responsibility players take up in their work and stimulate them in the pride and positive self esteem.
  • Talk about what happens and express themselves about their own lives and habits.

What people said about this game

Vicky Konstantinidou

Project Coordinator Ladies Union of Drama GR

22 August, 2019


Really fun and interactive way to learn! Highly recommended!

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