The Covid Colour Chain

A fun and simple game to raise awareness on Covid-19

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Gloves
  • Finger paint
  • A small ball
  • White sheet or paper

A step-by-step guide to play the game


The street workers ask the children to form a circle. They give some of them gloves to wear, while others are left with bare hands.


The children pass around a small ball that has a lot of paint on it, while counting down from 31. The child holding the ball when the countdown ends leaves the circle and the countdown starts again. The game ends when there is only one child left.


The street workers ask the children that were wearing gloves, to take them off. All children take a good look at their hands. The street workers explain that you can keep yourself safe from Covid-19 in the same way that you can keep your hands clean from the paint by wearing gloves.


After that, all the children press their hands against a white sheet or paper next to each other. The children that were not wearing gloves will leave paint marks on the sheet, but there will be gaps between the paint marks, thanks to the children that were wearing gloves. The street workers show these gaps, and explain that by wearing gloves you are not only keeping yourself safe, but also preventing the virus from spreading to others, thus breaking the Covid-19 chain.


Instead of a ball, you can use any material that you like, as long as it can spread the paint on the children's hands.

Specific learning objectives

The objective is to raise awareness among the children about Covid-19, and teach them how to keep themselves and others safe.

What people said about this game

Joke Verreth

Partnership Coordinator Europe & Latin America StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

18 September, 2020


A very fun and dynamic way to raise awareness on Covid-19 with children and youngsters!

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